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Thailand Islands: Ko Samet

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The island of Ko Samet lies in the Rayong Province and is only approximately 200 kilometers away from Bangkok. Ko Samet is popular with both tourists and Thai people as it is easy to reach from Bangkok. Ko Samet is a natural park offering areas of stunning beauty with its white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. Being a natural park, visitors to Ko Samet are charged a few hundred baht. Thai people pay a fraction of this amount. Ko Samet can become busy at weekends when many Thais visit the island.

Ko Samet is perfect for people looking to relax on the beach as the island has basic amenities, limited roads and a quiet nightlife compared to Ko Samui and other islands. Other activities available
on the island include snorkeling, water sports and boat tours. The main beaches on Ko Samet include Hat Sai Kaew, Ao Vong Duan and Ao Prao.

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